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Birth Doula

Bringing someone into your birth space is a big deal. Having a baby will be one of the most vulnerable times of your life. One of the most important decisions you can make is who you bring into that space. 

As a doula, I am an experienced space holder. I bring with me peace, strength, and groundedness every time I enter a birth room. I leave my baggage at the door and I am fully present with you. I am a trauma-informed doula which means I have spent 2 years learning how pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are tender times where many strong emotions can come up. I am able to recognize these emotions and I have many practical ways to support you.

As a doula, I will read the room and use my intuition to know how to best support you in each moment of your labor. Sometimes that looks like a back massage. Sometimes that looks like getting you a more comfortable position. Sometimes that looks like getting everyone food. Sometimes that looks like helping to empower your partner to know how to support you.

As a doula, I understand what healthy attachment looks like between mama and baby. I will help parents know how to emotionally regulate their baby and not put added stress on the baby’s nervous system. New parenting can be very stressful, but knowing what each parent’s needs are will you navigate postpartum beautifully. 

As your doula, it is an honor to journey with you!

How I Serve You

  • Free initial interview
  • 1-2 Prenatal Visits
  • Phone/email support
  • 24 hour on-call support +/- 2 weeks of your due date
  • Continuous support during active labor
  • 1-2 hours initial postpartum support (We’ll play this one by ear based what you want/need!)
  • Initial Breastfeeding Support
  • 1 Postpartum Visit

Standard Birth Package –  $800

My deepest desire is for every mama to have an intuitive, embodied birth experience where they feel connected to their partner, connected to their baby, and grounded in themselves.

Beth Hake

Beth has been a certified birth doula since 2013 and has served dozens of families in the Wichita area. Contact Beth for an interview!

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