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Birth Doula

A Mama Bear Birth doula accompanies families in labor while providing physical, emotional, and informational support. Whether that means suggesting different positions or providing a calm, peaceful presence, we draw on our professional knowledge and experience to help ensure a safe and satisfying birth. We support all women in whatever birthing choices they make, and we are proud to serve the Wichita, KS area.

How We Serve You

– Free initial interview

– 1-2 Prenatal Visits

–  Phone/email support

–  24 hour on-call support +/- 2 weeks of your due date

–  Continuous support during active labor

–  1-2 hours initial postpartum support (We’ll play this one by ear based what you want/need!)

–  Initial Breastfeeding Support

–  1 Postpartum Visit

Standard Birth Package –  $750

Add on Services

Add on customized services to the standard doula package and recieve additional savings!  Each pregnancy and birth is unique, we are here to help make your experience what you want it to be.

Our Doulas

My hope for every mom is that they are treated well, they feel good about their birth, and they had the knowledge to make the best choices for their situation.

Beth Hake

“My goal at any birth is that a mother will look back on her birthing day and say, wow, that was a great day!”

Kim Binford

Both of our doulas are extremely talented and professional, and either one will help you have an amazing experience! Let us know which doula you would like to interview when you contact us.

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