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Postpartum Support Group

Art by Alija Craycroft

Join our Postpartum Support Group for help healing during this pivotal time in your life.  The challenges that arise are many in the first two years of postpartum. Sometimes it doesn’t feel safe, or possible to open up.  Many moms feel alone, overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed, unsupported, frozen anxious, depressed. Extenuating circumstances around the pregnancy/birth of your child can further elevate your stress levels.  Postpartum moms all need support to get enough nutrition, sleep, and emotional fulfillment.


Community is an essential pillar in navigating the postpartum period: Women need support from other women.  The picture above tells a story of a mother in her postpartum, being nourished and supported by the care of other women.  Women have been attending to one another in the perinatal period for thousands of years.  There is ancient wisdom to be rediscovered.  This is the ideal postpartum: fully supported, cared for, and thus, able to be present with your newborn, connecting, healing.  If you did not receive this ideal care, please consider our group to receive it now, in a safe nurturing environment.  This group is for moms who have given birth or adopted in last two years.  Come to our group to surround yourself with support on your healing journey  



Ongoing Support Group

6 Spots Available, 1 Therapist.

630-8pm Biweekly on Tuesdays

Meets 5ish minutes East of Andover YMCA.

Contact: Ashley Brockus, MS LCMFT