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Pregnancy, the desire to become pregnant, pregnancy loss, the birth, the birth outcomes, birth trauma, and the postpartum period are life changing experiences for a woman, her partner, and family.  Oftentimes, these circumstances trigger emotions and responses within us that are new and overwhelming.  Supportive therapy is a bridge for women (and their partners) who have found themselves stuck and struggling.  Mama Bear Birth offers services to women and their partners to help them heal traumatic wounds and lower the experience of stress while strengthening the mother and her partner, enabling them to move forward and beyond their pain and fear. Mama Bear Birth therapy services are offered downtown Wichita & also just east of Wichita, near Andover and Augusta.

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Women labor as they live. The process of labor tends to lay bare a woman’s inherent adaptability and inner resources for everyone, including herself, to see. If she’s well supported by her labor team and her loved ones and able to tune into her Mother Bear wisdom by taking part in the process consciously, then she will emerge from it with greater resources and adaptability than she had going in. Perhaps the most important thing she will get out of it is the experience of surrendering to a natural process that is enhanced by full consciousness but cannot be controlled with the intellect—exactly the skills required to raise a child (or follow a life passion) successfully.” Dr. Christiane Northrup