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Come and Connect

  • We will be engaging in healing yoga led by Katerina Gavin (Satya Moon Yoga).
  • We will be present to one another by listening and/or sharing in a women’s circle at a bonfire (or fireplace if weather isn’t permitting).
  • We will be connecting while enjoying delicious foods and drinks.
  • Massage will be offered to each woman by a trained female professional.

Let your body, spirit, and mind be nurtured by the support from authentic women.  

Limited spots available.

Historically speaking, women tended to bleed on the new moon and ovulate on the full moon.

Women would meet in a “red tent” or “moon hut” to bleed together and experience connection while they were “on their moon.”

Let’s resurrect this old tradition of gathering together: bringing our wombs, wisdom, and wounds to one place to accept one another unconditionally & remember how to open and connect.

Mama Bear Birth is a team of women who have been healing from the inside out, regularly partaking in authentic community together.  We have created “Sacred Red Tent Night” as a way to hold space for you to experience irreplaceable support for yourself, encouraging you to continue to grow your own unique healing journey.

*No minors at this gathering.  We do dream about including young women in our events at some point!

We Are Sold Out. Email us to get on our waitlist

What Women Are Saying About

Mama Bear Birth’s Sacred Red Tent Night:

“I will remember what it felt like to see women who have never experienced unconditional support and love from other women/mamas for the first time. Beautiful!” -B.S.

“The atmosphere of trust was created so quickly and people opened up about real struggles . I was amazed that I identified so easily with every single thing that was shared! The location was wonderful. Reminded me how I need to get out of the city for my soul.” -L.S.

“I was really surprised at the immediate connection I felt to my emotions. Perhaps others felt this way as well. I like hearing others’ stories, I saw a part of my own life when they were talking… normally there is a tendency from feeling so fully with others… we cover up the emotions with a joke, or change the subject.” -K.B.

“I will remember the connection I felt! Through yoga and story telling I felt this deep bond with the other woman even with out words. It was so beautiful and wonderful!” -M.C.