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Who is Mama Bear Birth?

Our Vision

Mama Bear Birth grew out of the hope for all parents to be connected to their inner wisdom. Before, during, and after the birth of your child. No one knows what is best for you or your family, EXCEPT FOR YOU. Reconnect to that wisdom. Remember who you are. Heal from the inside out. Trust yourself. Reclaim your power. Let us nurture you, empower you, and support you on this journey.

Our Story

Ashley, Beth, and Kim began dreaming together in 2014 about coming together as a support team for women during their birth journey.  At this time, each was in a childbearing season and had been experiencing the ups and downs of becoming pregnant, giving birth, and mothering babies.  Hearing story after story from fellow mothers who were coming out of birth experiences disappointed or even traumatized, they knew they had so much to offer to help prevent future trauma for women, and help heal the past for those who hadn’t been able to avoid it.  One common thread seemed to be lack of knowledge, and/or lack of support for women journeying through the childbearing season.  Every woman should be empowered and strengthened to make informed decisions during her birth journey, if that is taken away whatever the circumstance may be, it can have long lasting effects.  The mission to support, nurture and empower women by holding space, informing, and authentic journeying was born and continues to grow to surround you with a team to help you navigate this season out of a sense of inner strength, hope and presence.

Meet the Team

Ashley has been on healing journeys with clients as a Marriage and Family Therapist in Wichita since 2007.  It began working with families in crisis at HopeNet, and then a diverse clientele at Real Life Counseling, and currently Ashley offers services to at risk youth and inner city families through Legacy Ministries, Inc.  It wasn’t until she became pregnant with her firstborn in 2010 that she began to notice a desire growing in her to empower mothers.   To empower mothers to love themselves and their families fiercely.  To empower mothers to heal their wounds so that their legacy is unconditionally loving and strong.  To educate mothers to make informed choices. To unite mothers in soul led, love bound communities free of judgement. Stories of a woman are sacred.  In the therapy room, this is where many stories are formed, reformed, remade, and redeemed.  Tears that could never come up before find their way up.  Feelings that couldn’t be felt are often felt at last, and then just remembered.  Memories that replay are often able to rest.  Ashley creates opportunity for you to come as you are and leave more aware and connected.

Ashley loves being married to her amazing husband and getting to be a full time mama bear to their three cubs in their country home right outside of Wichita.  At home, Ashley enjoys fermenting foods and baking sourdough breads, which is a culture of loving nutrition that can unite and heal us all.

Kim has had a passion for women’s rights and family systems since her teenage years and wanted to dedicate her life to serving families.  After the birth of her first child, she heard stories of women around her who felt powerless during their births and often wished things had gone differently.  That ignited a desire in Kim to support women throughout pregnancy and labor to feel empowered and happy about their birth experiences.  Her calling is to be a helper to women in the midst of their need to find healing and strength.

“My goal at any birth is that a mother will look back on her birthing day and say, wow, that was a great day!”-Kim

Kim started working as a doula in 2014 and is pending certification through DONA International.  Her and her husband do international ministry and are raising 3 children in the heart of Wichita.

Beth has always had an interest in pregnancy and birth, and she vividly remembers asking her mom to share her birth experiences. She remembers admiring her mother’s strength and steadiness, and from that, Beth gained trust in birth being an innate process. Becoming a doula and childbirth educator is no surprise to those who know Beth. She has a heart for justice and is passionate about women having the support they deserve. Beth has a calm and peaceful presence, and she brings strength, wisdom, and joy to those around her.

Beth became a certified birth doula in 2013 through Childbirth International. In 2016, Beth became a Birth Boot Camp instructor. Beth is also Rebozo certified (2015), has been trained in Bengkung Belly Binding (2016), and is the co-founder of Birth Matters, a Wichita monthly meet-up.

Beth lives in Wichita with her high school sweetheart and two beautiful children. She enjoys being outside, dark chocolate, and nourishing her family.

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